WhatsApp iOS7 background

WhatsApp has finally been updated to the iOS7 style. Unfortunately the backgrounds in the app don’t suit that style at all. Here is a much better background for your WhatsApp chats.

In my opinion a light gray works best.

Pretty gray WhatsApp iOS7 background

Just tap and hold and choose the option to save the image to your camera roll.

In Whatsapp go to Settings > Chat settings > Background, and select the background from the camera roll.

Here’s a white one (the border will not show up in the image, it’s just to indicate where you can tap and hold).

Pretty white WhatsApp iOS7 background

3 Responses to WhatsApp iOS7 background

  1. Wong Jin Xuan says:

    can I ask why my iPhone whatsapp suddenly turns in grey colour? Is it the problem for my iPhone ?

  2. If you have iOS7 than apps can update without you having to go to the app store to manually update them. The latest WhatsApp version has an iOS7 look which is more grey. The old version had blue bars if I’m correct.

  3. Francesco says:

    My whatsapp turn grey today. I didn’t allowed any upgrade and I want to have my old and colored whatsapp. How could I do?

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