Quick WWDC ‘13 predictions

In a few hours Apple will hold it’s annual WWDC keynote. Just for fun I want to throw out some predictions.

iOS 7
This is a given. It will look different, but it won’t be (here it comes) flat. Making something look flat for the sake of it looking flat is just dumb. The design will be updated so it looks more modern, but is still clear and easy to use.

Siri will parse locally from now on. The multi-task switcher (double-tap home) will be significantly redesigned as will the notifications panel.

OSX 10.9
It will be called Lynx. Maps will be brought over. The interface will be updated as well. Biggest updates will be on the development side.

Will be both ad supported and paid without ads.

Updated retina Macbook Pro
It will recieve the new Haswell CPU’s. The 15 inch models will get the high-clock / low integrated GPU chips with a dedicated GPU by nVidia or AMD. The 13 inch models might get the quad-core version with the good integrated GPU. Prices for the 15 inch might drop a little or the base SSD capacity will be bigger. I fear the maximum RAM will still be 16GB.

No retina Macbook Airs
The CPU’s just aren’t there yet. Funny that most rumors suggest new Airs will be announced.

Mac Pro or successor to the Mac Pro
If we see it at an event it will be this event. They probably won’t be released within a month from now, but they will be announced.

My guess is the case will be a lot smaller. It will still have a maximum of 2 CPU sockets, 2 harddrive bays, 2 PCI slots, USB3, Thunderbolt and upgradable RAM. Enough for most Mac Pro customers.

More expandability will be provided by an external box (similar design to the new Mac Pro case) on which the Mac Pro can be stacked, but it can also be connected to any other Thunderbolt device. The box will house at least 2 drive bays, 4 PCI slots and several USB ports. It will have a seperate internal power supply.

No new iOS devices
No new iPhone. No new iPod. No new iPad

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