iPhone 5: what I got right

At the end of May I did some iPhone predictions, just in case a new phone was announced at WWDC. Now that the phone has been announced, it’s time to see how I fared.

  1. The 3.95” (or whatever) screen is real

    This turned out to be correct. A added detail that turned out to be correct is that “old” apps will be letter-boxed.

  2. A6 dual core processor

    Seems to be correct as well. We don’t know all the details yet, but the processor is called A6 and it looks to be dual-core. I’ve heard however that it does include a quad-core GPU just like the A5X.

  3. There won’t be a three part back

    I got this one epically wrong. The leaked parts turned out to be legit (although details differed). I’ll hold of the verdict of how I like the design when I hold one in my hand.

  4. The Facetime camera will be centered

    Exactly right.

  5. The camera will see an upgrade, but won’t exceed 11MP

    Turned out be right as well. The theory that it would get a slightly higher than 8MP sensor wasn’t right however, since it has exactly the same pixel dimensions as the iPhone 4S.

So 4 out of 5. That’s good in my books.

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