New (2012) iPhone predictions

WWDC is next week. And even though I don’t suspect Apple will reveal the new iPhone hardware during WWDC, now is a good time to do some iPhone predictions before it’s too late.

The 3.95” (or whatever) screen is real

The rumors suggest this, and it seems logical. A screen with the same dpi as the iPhone 4 and 4S, but slightly taller. Most apps would be easy to upgrade, and apps which can’t will be letter boxed.

Though it has benefits (better for vertical apps, video viewing) and downsides (16:9 portrait images…, the phone would be a bit less easy to handle with one hand), I believe this is the path Apple will take.

A6 dual core processor

While other manufacturers go quad-core, I believe Apple will stick with a more energy efficient dual-core chip for the iPhone, while the next iPad will get a quad-core version of the same chip. The A6 will be more powerful than the current A5, presumably with a more beefed up GPU. It will also consume less power.

There won’t be a three part back

There are pictures circulating the web showing an aluminum iPhone backside with glass strips at the top and bottom parts of the back. I don’t believe that it’s an Apple design. My prediction is the new iPhone will have a simple and clean back.

The Facetime camera will be centered

It’s just a little more natural if the Facetime camera is facing you directly instead of being a little bit to the side. Apple knows this and, if engineering allows it, they will probably place it centered above the screen.

The camera will see an upgrade, but won’t exceed 11MP

This is based on practicality. If they increase the sensors quality, but not increase the number of megapixels than the quality of the images will be greater. I guess most iPhone users don’t know or care how much MP the camera has, as long as it takes great pictures. So they won’t have to increase the megapixels for marketing reasons.

One gripe I currently have with my 4S is that when I want to take video, the image gets heavily cropped / zoomed in. I assume this is since they take a 1920 x 1080 part of the sensor which is smaller than the entire sensor.

If the new sensor woud make 16:9 images than a 16:9 sensor would only have to be 300.000 pixels bigger to exactly be twice as big as 1920 x 1080. If that would be the case the could create smart software which only uses 1 out of every four pixels or 4 pixel averages for each 1080p pixel.

If they want to keep 4:3 images, than the sensor would have to be about 11MP to do the same trick.

Ideas for the iPhone 6 camera sensor

These are my iPhone predictions. As for WWDC, I hope they announce new Mac Mini configurations, but if they have new hardware announcements than it’ll probably be a new iMac and updates the the Macbook line. Besides iOS6 and Mountain Lion I guess we’ll see an update for iLife with deep iCloud integration (please let me store my iPhoto collection in iCloud). And I’m praying for an Aperture update.

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