Why the new iPad is a big deal

Yesterday Apple announced a new iPad called just that: iPad. To some it seems like the best thing ever, to others the upgrade is not that big. To me, this is a device that will change a lot. It’s a big deal.

The single reason? The screen.

  1. Photos will look amazing. For the first time ever you will be able to view digital images with the same quality of a high-res print.
  2. Reading will be much more comfortable.
  3. Digital typography will become even more important.
  4. Both web and app developers will have to create big high-res assets. The weird thing about this, is that we can’t really preview them while we work on them because the screens we work on don’t have the same fidelity.


Whatever Apple’s calling it doesn’t matter, it’s simply a big and very pixel dense display. The entire device is built around it. The display needs a beefy processor to push every single one of the 3.1 million pixels and you need a decent camera to capture images worthy of the display. You need the bandwidth to download all the highres assets, so HSDPA+ and LTE are very welcome. And finally we don’t want worse battery life, so the battery needs to be bigger.

If you believe that the iPad has just received a marginal upgrade you are very wrong. The new iPad is a big deal. Really.

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