New Year’s update

So it’s been a while since my last post and now a new year has begun. Let’s reflect on my last months in 2011.

A big chunk of October and November where filled up by a big web project that prepares children before they go to a hospital. It was a great project to work on, even though regular accessibility was sacrificed to make the site more appealing to kids.

I also entered to CSSoff competition. I was a great learning experience, but unfortunately I couldn’t put all the bells and whistles into the end result that I would’ve liked. But I believe my entry was still pleasing.

During CSSoff I also created two jQuery plug-ins to solve some problems I found while creating the page. I’ve released one on Github already and the other will follow shortly.

November was also the month of my trip to the South West of the USA. The trip was amazing and some highlights included San Francisco, Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon.

The final stretch of the year mainly consisted of several small projects which needed to be finished, some support work on older projects and one very cool responsive website. That one is scheduled to launch early next week.

The weeks surrounding Christmas are usually reserved for side-projects and this year I dove head first into PHP again. The goal: To create an easy to use Ruby on Rails like PHP framework. Not something that hasn’t been tried before, but it gave me a chance to test a lot of new PHP features. The end result is actually very usable, although not finished yet. But it looks like it could very well become the base of all our feature software releases. I plan to release it as an open-source project in the future.

Several new projects are lined up and I’m finally putting the finishing touches on the new Interactive Studios website. Finally because I started development on that over a year ago. Ideas for a new site are already taking shape, but we desperatly need a new website!

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