Steve Jobs’ work has touched you

Most of the people I know have PCs. They have Android phones or Blackberries. They get their music by ripping CDs or by less legal means. Most of them have never heard of Steve Jobs. They don’t use his products. But they have been touched by his work. Everyone has been touched by his work. You have been touched by his work.

It’s funny how we take stuff for granted. Before the iPod it was impossible to fit a lot of songs in your pocket and even harder to get them on a device. Before iPhone there were no phones with a big screen that you could easily control with just your finger. Now that’s almost every new phone. And the Macintosh? Well, it changed personal computing forever.

Every good looking PC is a direct result of Apple’s design. Modern tablets are a direct result of iPad. Smartphones are all influenced by iPhone. Windows is a direct result of the first Macintosh. Apple’s revolutionary products have influenced almost all of electronics.

Apple is not the only company that creates revolutionary devices. But Steve understood that you do not only need to create something revolutionary, it must also be insanely great. Technology must serve people and it must bring delight to it’s users. That is the way to make a dent in the universe.

Steve Jobs has died and his legacy is Apple. Now it’s us who have to create something insanely great.

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