Why deleting 75% of my photos made me happy

I recently deleted a whole lot of photos from my iPhoto library. I’m still not done, but currently my library has shrunk over 75% in size. In the process I also deleted some events completely and merged several together. A lot of pictures are lost, but it is the best thing that has ever happened to my photo library.

What I did was simple. I set a constraint of a maximum of 50 pictures per event. I chose 50 because it is a nice amount to watch with someone without getting bored, but can still give you a good impression of the event.

The end result is that my library is a lot more valuable to me. The only images in there are the ones that I truly care about because I forced myself to throw away lots of other good shots. It’s also a lot more fun to browse now and I can take more events with me on my phone or iPad. Managing Faces and Places takes a lot less time and as an added bonus iPhoto is quicker then ever.

If your current library also holds events filled with hundreds of photos, like my old library, I can highly recommend on deleting a lot of photos. Less truly is more.

Oh and all the original photos are not really gone. I’ve off course backed everything up, but I don’t think I’ll ever look at those photos again.

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