Anniversall has launched!

Today marks the launch of our first open web app: Anniversall

Anniversall is simple. Just enter a date that has special meaning to you and you get some neat information about that date. You want to know how long you’ve been married? Or how many days have passed since you we’re born? Anniversall answers these questions and give you some extras too.

You will get simple stats on how many full years, months, weeks, days or hours have passed since the date you’ve entered.

After that Anniversall tells you a fun fact about the time that has passed since that date. Like “How long would your hair have been hadn’t you cut it since?” or “How many times has the moon orbited earth since then?”.

Finally, and to us this is the most interesting feature, you will get a calender marking the anniversaries for your date. But not only the yearly anniversary but other cool dates too. Like the 100 month anniversary, the 900 day anniversary or the 95000 hour anniversary. We like anniversaries, so why only celebrate them once a year?

The goal of Anniversall is to make the world more fun, to share more moments to celebrate and to spread useless knowledge to people using it.

To us it also was a great way to dive deeper into mobile web development. It’s a big part of (right now and) the future and we want to be prepared.

Anniversall is free to use. It works great on modern browsers, but is aimed at most modern mobile platforms. If you use an iPhone or iPod Touch you can add it to your home screen and use it just like a regular app. Just tap the arrow (or +) button in Safari and choose “Add to home screen”. IPhone 4 users will get the benefit of high-res images.

So, if you want answers to questions like:

  • How long you’ve been in a professional relationship with this clients?
  • How many days old is my son?
  • When do I live in my current apartment for 500 days?
  • How many weeks has it been since my last vacation?
  • How many times could I have continuously traveled between Amsterdam and Paris by train since last year?

Don’t hesitate and just enter your precious date into Anniversall.

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